The impressionable Minds ARP is suitable for young people aged 11-16 who are demonstrating levels of aggression in school or at home impacting upon their individual learning or that of others.


The aim of ARP is to help young people reduce the likelihood and/or instances of outbursts within their education setting and increase learning potential. ARP does this by helping participants to:

·       Develop insight and awareness into aggression supportive attitudes and behaviours

·       Manage and reduce impulsivity

·       Identify and challenge pro-violent attitudes and beliefs

·       Identify and challenge hostile thinking

·       Enhance and develop skills to manage emotions

·       Enhance and develop interpersonal and conflict reduction skills

·       Develop effective risk management strategies

·       Increase levels of motivation and engagement to maintain change over time

Impressionable Minds motivational talks are one of the ways we empower students to become the best versions of themselves.

Assemblies are typically an excellent time for teachers to relay key messages to students. However, after a while, students get used to hearing from their teachers daily, and occasionally assemblies need that extra spark to reignite them. That’s where Dare 2 Achieve comes in!

We remind students of how self-confidence, developing a vision beyond education and how their habits can set them up for success. This is perfect for students approaching examinations who may need a confidence boost.

Our motivational talks last up to one hour and can be delivered back-to-back to different year groups throughout the day. You can expect your students to laugh, reflect and leave with a sense of pride and inspiration to focus on taking the necessary actions to lead to their own personal success.

What makes a good leader? What makes a bad leader? And most importantly what makes you a leader? Leadership, for young people, isn’t just about being a captain of a sports team or holding a position of responsibility at home or at school. Leadership is how we live our lives to maximise our contribution to those around us and how we enrich our own lives by recognising our own unique contribution to the world.

In this workshop we look at what makes a leader and what attributes we as individuals have that makes us leaders. We look at examples in our lives where we have either missed the mark with our leadership or hit the nail on the head. This is then followed by a goal setting session where we seat a goal or intention for our leadership backed up by a SMART (sustainable, measurable, achievable, realistic, time based) system to ensure our goal is achieved.

This workshop aims to teach younger teenagers about healthy emotions and healthy methods with which they can learn to deal with their emotions.