Award Winning Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) Workshops.

Workshops for young people and training for educators on a range of subjects including; extremism, crime, diversity, health, drugs, alcohol, life skills and more.

what we do

Impressionable Minds delivers a range of in-school programs designed to discuss and explore topics from crime and gangs to bullying, extremism, prevention, drugs and alcohol.

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what we offer

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We provide workshops, interactive sessions and presentations to school children From Year 5 (KS2) through to KS5 (aged 9-18).


Workshops covering Crime, Gang Crime and Weapons, The Court process, Drugs and Alcohol, Anti-Bullying, Internet Crime and much more.

Full day workshops for young people including a theatre production, talks and questions with ex-criminals, practical interactive sessions and a lot of fun based learning and awerness for students. All of our workshops can be tailored.
drugs and alcohol

Extremism, Prevent and Safegaurding training courses led by counter terrorism experts.

This training is for teachers or practitioners who work with young people in any community setting. The workshop will enhance your positive outcomes in relation to reducing anti-social behaviour, crime and violence.
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