About Us

We provide workshops, interactive sessions and presentations to school children From Year 5 (KS2) through to KS5 (aged 9-18). In particular, we provide young people with the skills to identify and explore the dangers of criminal and anti-social behaviour. With these skills they will be able to develop a greater understanding of others and social inclusion. We aim to prevent children and young people from becoming involved in crime, by indentifying and targeting those most at risk of offending and anti-social behaviour with appropriate intervention programmes. We aim to divert young people from school exclusion and further crime-related behaviours. These programmes are developed in order for young people to examine and challenge their own ideas about crime and anti-social behaviour. This is achieved through interactive and informal learning.

                                     2013 Winners of the No Offence Under 25s Award – Sean Gregory (Impressionable Minds).

2012 Winners of the Chris Donovan Trust ‘Gold Award’ presented by the Ministry of Justice for educating young people in our communities.

Link to article on the Ministry of Justice website.


Russell receives the award from Jeremy Wright, MP former Minister of Justice

Russell Symons with LBC Presenter James O’Brien