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Impressionable Minds have introduced the new ‘Crime Day’. Pupils are taken off timetable for the day and introduced to our full range of workshops, presentations and activities. The day includes a theatre production, the chance to meet an ex-criminal and a lot of fun!

The following list of workshops can be adapted. If there is a particular subject that you would like to be covered but cannot see listed below please email Work can take the form of presentations, workshops, assemblies or 1:1 work with students. Impressionable Minds complements the PSHE and Citizenship curriculum. All our facilitators hold an enhanced CRB police clearance check.

1) Gang crime and Weapons

This lively session is led by a former North London Gang member is enjoyed by school children of all ages. It is an interactive workshop, capturing all learning styles. The session consists of an introduction to Youth Crime, a definition of Gangs, how to get out of a gang, victim awareness, the media, knives and the law and a Q&A session.

2) Anti-social behaviour with dogs

This workshop explores the growing problem of anti-social behaviour with dogs through a short gritty film targeted specifically at young people. The film aims to stimulate thought, discussion and debate.The workshop also unpicks the topics raised in the film, such as irresponsible dog breeding, inappropriate exercise areas and organised dog fighting.

3) Prison – what is it really like?

Following an 11 year prison sentence Akiel Chinelo has worked since 2004 as a freelance performer and workshop facilitator. He uses the art of poetry to stretch the imagination of your students. Akiel will take the students on a journey to educate on prison related issues. Students will learn about conditions in prisons, routine, how much it costs the country. Akiel will lead a Q&A session giving the students the opportunity to ask questions about his experiences.

4) Fear of crime and victims

The students will learn about the role the media plays in crime prevention. A professional actor will encourage the students to create their own role-play, radio or television advert on a subject of their choice. A particular emphasis will be placed on the victims of crime. Some of the best groups will be provided with the opportunity to present their work in front of the year group during the final session of the day.

5) Stop and Search process

This session is led by Chris Preddie, OBE and Mark Shopi. Chris is a relative of the two brothers convicted of killing schoolboy Damilola Taylor and has been chosen as a role model in an initiative to tackle youth crime. Chris was himself involved in gangs and drugs until he was 16. Then his elder brother Andrew was shot dead at a barber’s shop in Brixton and he was determined to turn his life around. Chris is a talented young man who uses poetry to get his powerful message across to young people. This is a highly engaging workshop designed to capture the imagination of your students. This session will focus on a number of issues related to young people when they are stopped by Police on the streets. The rights of young people will be examined in a Question and Answer style workshop. The students will also learn about Arrest, Bail and Charge issues.

6) The Court process

The students will take on the role of a Youth Offending/Probation Officer. They will have the opportunity to watch a short video on outlining the details of an offence and interview the offender in the Probation Office. Students will work together to evaluate the offenders risk of re-offending and harm to the public before making a sentencing proposal.

7) Anti-Bullying and Internet Crime

This workshop will cover the following areas:

  • Racial, cyber bullying, gender. Racism, age, culture and disability.
  • Personal experiences of bullying and its negative impact.
  • Identify how participants can deal with bullying situations in a positive and constructive manner.
  • Identify sources of help when confronted with bullying.
  • Work with a professional actor in role plays, to act out bullying scenarios that have directly affected the students and identify possible solutions.
8) Drugs and Alcohol

Students will learn about the different types of medicines, legal and illegal drugs including their form, effects and their associated risks. They will experience what it feels like to be drunk with the use of ‘drunk goggles’ and attempt to pass a road side test! A debate will take place on the law in relation to drug use and how drug use impacts on the user and their families.

9) ‘I have a Dream’ ***NEW FOR 2015***

This inspirational and engaging workshop is designed to get the participants thinking about their future dreams and aspirations in relation to their education and careers.

Let’s suppose that you have a blank canvas – and that canvas is your life…

What would you like to achieve in your life?
What job would you like more than any other?
Where would you like to live?
What would you like to create that doesn’t exist yet?
How would you do it?

This is a fantastic workshop that explores the idea of our dreams and aspirations for 2015 and beyond. Through guidance from the facilitator- the group will explore their own aspirations and dreams in relation to their family, their career, education and relationships. Participants will have the opportunity to share their aspirations with other members of the group and begin to explore how they will their make their dreams become reality.

The session is a blend of group work, creative thinking, presentation skills, sharing advice and experiences. The session also features some excellent short inspirational film clips.

The facilitator will share his/her own aspirations with the group and will explore aspirations that they have already successfully fulfilled in their life. The facilitator will shed light on how they did it and share techniques with the group.

Learning Objectives:
Exploration of participants aspirations in relation to their education and careers.
Developing self confidence in participants- through presentation skills and public speaking skills.
Advice and guidance provided to participants from the facilitator around their future careers.
Developing team working skills
Developing ideas and methods in a group environment for career and educational progression.


Fees start from  just £190 per day. There are no set charges as each programme is tailor made for individual schools. Please contact us for further information.


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